Time is like an arrow

Time is like an arrow, once shot, it can't be taken back, people who are forever immersed in the past will be very vulnerable to that arrow.

Human life, just go and go, and then get old when it's not good. The scariest thing is getting old but still lingering, getting old but still sad, getting old but still can't hold it, can't let go.

The suffering, the grief that you are making it difficult for yourself, it's time to think through, persist, the last hurt person is still you.

The past is still hanging in the heart, it's time to see through, not live for the present, then every day in the future will be like today, stubborn, stubborn, unchanged.

Those who can't have it, the emotional things that can't be obtained, it's time to give up, what is yours, it will sooner or later be yours, what is not yours, there is no use forcing it.

The rest of life, calmly looking at the prosperity, calmly accepting the loss. Learn to think through, see through, and let go.

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